Why Use Motorcycle Movers Tirau ltd?

You don’t become the most trusted bike transport company in New Zealand by doing a half hearted job. We are not a couple of guys in a Ute, We have specially modified vans and trailers that ensure your motorcycle is carefully and correctly loaded, shifted and delivered safely and undamaged to the required destination.

  • Scheduled Delivery Dates
  • Skilled and experienced staff
  • Regular and reliable
  • Fast and effective
  • Trusted by the motorcycle trade

Think of the amount of motorcycles in the past that you have either not bid on or have not purchased from dealers at the opposite end of the country to you, merely because you thought it would be too much of a nightmare trying to organise to either pick it up or, find a trusted motorcycle moving company to get it delivered safely and promptly.


The cost for individuals to pick up their own motorcycle/s can prove to be quite expensive as there are many costly factors to take into consideration, i.e. taking time of work to pick up motorcycle/s, the cost of travelling to the destination of the purchased motorcycle/s, hiring a suitable vehicle to transport the motorcycle/s home etc – we do this for a living and can take all this stress away!


We are a Kiwi, family owned and operated business that started out almost 10 years ago and have worked hard to establish ourselves as a trusted and professional motorcycle moving company who transport motorcycles up and down New Zealand. We have specially modified vans and trailers and take extreme care in correctly loading all motorcycles to ensure they are safe, secure and undamaged whilst in transit to your specified destination.