Motorcycle Movers Tirau

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you secure bikes for transport?
  • Do you have insurance?​​
  • ​How do I get a quote?
  • Pricing/Payment?
  • How does the process of transporting my bike work?
  • How often are the scheduled runs around NZ?​​
How do you secure bikes for transport?​​
Each bike has its own front stand, in the van or trailer, and it is secured by up to five straps per bike. Microfiber cloths go under each strap as protection between the bike and straps. 
Each bike space allows adequate room between other bikes so there is no contact during transportation. Each motorbike is securely strapped in to prevent any movement during the trip e.g. 2x straps through the triple tree, 2x off the handle bars/tied back and 1-2x from the back to sit the suspension down and prevent the bike from moving.
Do you have insurance?​​
Yes, we are covered by our own insurance company under 'carriers limited liability' of $2000.00 per bike. However, we do encourage our customers to have their own insurance for added protection.

Where there is the unfortunate need to contact our insurance company, we will do our best to get the process started and keep you informed.
Sometimes accidents do happen, but we will do the right thing by both parties and resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

How do I get a quote?
Call 0800 687 583 or 09 214 1991 (for our Auckland customers) and speak to our staff in the office. We can generally give you an instant quote over the phone, or, if it is not a standard location, we will take your name and number/email and get back to you with a more accurate quote. 

Our bookings rep schedules the North and South Island runs and confirms dates and approximate times with our customers - at pick up and delivery.

If you email us using the booking form on line, we will send you a quote based on the information sent. Sometimes addresses need to be checked to make sure they are non rural, as these locations can incur further travel cost, so please be as accurate as you can.

You can also go to our Facebook Page and send us a message. We check this regularly in case you need a quote as well.

Bikes are charged per bike space and from pick up and drop off locations.  If the motorbike takes more than one space in the van or trailer e.g. ATV, quads and extra large bikes, then we may check the bike dimensions or ask you for this information to check width and length - this will change the quote e.g. two bike spaces will double the quote.

We also allow one medium sized box of accessories per bike free of charge for items such as helmets, jackets, gloves, parts etc. 

A dressed bike includes panniers, tank bags, shields and top boxes - there may be an extra charge if these items take up more room. Extra boxes will incur a $20-$30 charge depending on size and weight, as this takes up precious bike space.

Rural addresses will also incur an extra charge, depending on time and mileage outside main routes. To minimise cost, we can meet in main centres where there is easy access and room to unload e.g. local garage.

Payment is made via internet banking. An invoice is emailed to you before the run begins and our bank details are included. Payment is required BEFORE delivery. If preferred payment is cash, then the driver will collect this at delivery. Just let us know you're preferred method of payment at booking.

How does the process of transporting my bike work?

We pick up the bike from the the address given, contact the person before arrival and load the bike. Delivery time frames depend on all of our customers pick up/delivery destinations but the process is the same. Our drivers call ahead before drop off and meet you at your address to unload. 

Our bookings rep contacts everyone with a day and approximate time for pick up and delivery before the run starts, however, our drivers confirm the times more accurately on the actual run. They will call the next customer once they have finished at their previous job. They then let bookings know they have collected the bike, who informs the person receiving it (via txt or email) that it's been collected.

Our drivers will ask you to sign a drivers job sheet either at pick up or delivery to verify we've collected and delivered the bike.

Please be aware that delays can happen and are sometimes out of our control e.g. road works, accidents, traffic, weather conditions, ferries or customers etc. We will let you know if this does happen as soon as we can.

NB: Suitable access to your property is needed as we have very large vehicles. Let us know if there is an issue.

How often are the scheduled runs around NZ?​

We alternate between our North and South Island runs weekly. South Island runs are generally every fortnight (x2 per month). On occasion, we allow a two week break for our South Island runs, due to the time of the year and/or vehicle maintenance. 

Looking after our vehicles is a top priority, so please be aware that every van and trailer is important to us and regular servicing is maintained.

NB: All runs must be full before we depart from our Auckland base. Until this is done, we cannot confirm a time/date. Our bookings rep will txt or call to confirm pick up/delivery dates and approximate times once the schedule is full and confirmed. Booking ahead in advance is advised.